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To Hell and back again

According the great blog Copenhagenize (the planet), in Denmark you can now borrow a bike and trailer at Ikea to get your stuff home. Apparently 20% of customers in Copenhagen ride to the store, even though both stores are located in a 'box industrial' area 10km & 20km outside of town.

We went to 'Hell' lately (as my partner has christened ikea, in response to the labyrinthine- daylight-depriving- endurance sport which is shopping there) and we bought a whole bunch of stuff including a black board, table and chair set, bibs and cushions etc - and we managed to get it all (and us) into the Christiania.

Of course Ikea is really not far us, 3-4km maybe, so I reckon a lot of people would ride if they could.


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